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Joe Power



Dr. Gerald (Joe) Power

Gerald was born in Zambia but was renamed Joe by his fellow Zambians as that was a popular name in Ndola at the time.  He graduated as a doctor from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Following that he worked in rural hospitals and trained as a general practitioner before embarking on a career in anaesthesia. 

The anaesthetic training began in England, continued in Durban, South Africa (FCA(SA))and includes training time in Ireland (FFARCSI) and Australia (FANZCA). 

Joe is currently employed as a Visiting Medical Officer at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and works with Wesley Anaesthesia at various other hospitals in Brisbane.  One of his main interests include Cardiac Anaesthesia and Medical Perfusion (operating a Heart Lung Machine for open heart surgery) and is currently the President of the National Australian Medical Perfusion Association (NAMPA).

In his spare time he reads, runs, plays golf occasionally, watches birds and travels.


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