• Pain devastated my life. I sought help and now I'm sleeping better, thinking clearer and doing more. ”  
  • I knew deep down the pain wasn't going away on its own. It was time to seek help.”  
  • Finally someone was listening to me about my pain and planning what we could do about it.”  

Wesley Pain Management

At Wesley Pain Management our team of experienced specialist Pain Medicine Physicians recognises the complex and unique difficulties
faced by each patient who lives with persistent pain.

The challenge of effective pain management begins  with comprehensive assessment and individualised planning of treatment. This  involves the appropriate use of medications, a variety of pain relieving  procedures, and the management of the common consequences of persistent  pain. 


We recognise that the individual needs of our  patients are often best met with a multidisciplinary approach, often  incorporating physiotherapy, psychology, occupational therapy and psychiatry  when appropriate

We are proud that we can be counted on to coordinate high  quality care utilising the services of a trusted network of experts in these  fields with many years of experience helping patients with persistent  pain. 


Our ethos of providing individualised multidimensional care aims to  achieve the best possible improvement in quality of life for all our  patients.


Wesley Hospital
Suite 17, Level 2
Wesley Medical Centre
40 Chasely Street
Auchenflower Q 4066
Phone 07 3377 0500


Mortimer House
13 Mortimer Street
Ipswich QLD 4305

Phone: 07 3377 0550

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