The anaesthetists and pain management specialists we service are renowned for their expertise, empathy, research, teaching and procedural skills.

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The specialists are passionate about making your anaesthetic experience as safe, pain free and pleasant as possible.

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The specialists provide an individualised, multi-dimensional care approach to achieve the best possible improvement in your quality of life.

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About our Specialists

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Dr Chris Jackson

Specialist Anaesthetist

Dr Chris Jackson provides a broad scope of anaesthesia including bariatric surgery, spinal surgery, vascular surgery, orthopaedic surgery, eye surgery and general surgery.

Dr Gerald (Joe) Power

Specialist Anaesthetist

Dr Gerald (Joe) Power main interests include Cardiac Anaesthesia and medical Perfusion (operating a Heart Lung machine for open heart surgery) and he is currently the President of the National Australian Medical Perfusion Association (NAMPA).

Dr Jayne Berryman

Specialist Anaesthetist & Pain Specialist

Dr Jayne Berryman has a particular interest in the management of persistent pelvic pain.

Dr Liz Boge

Specialist Anaesthetist

Dr Liz Boge is a Queensland trained anaesthetist with special interest in paediatrics and ear nose and throat anaesthesia. She is passionate about making the anaesthetic experience as safe, pain free and pleasant as possible.

Dr Louis Guy

Specialist Anaesthetist

Dr Louis Guy is a specialist anaesthetist who works in both public and private practice in a wide range of specialised areas of anaesthesia.

Dr Rajesh Brijball

Specialist Anaesthetist

Dr Rajesh Brijball specialises in anaesthesia for neuro, upper G.I surgery, most notably bariatric surgery as well as upper G.I robotic surgery and major colo-rectal surgery.

Dr Rhys Morgan

Specialist Anaesthetist

Dr Rhys Morgan's special interest is the provision of anaesthesia for luminal gastro-enterology, where he is considered an expert and sits on a number of Medical Advisary committees of various hospitals.

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